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A Completely Coins Guide For Gardenscapes

How to Get Free Coins In Gardenscapes Game

The Gardenscapes is one of the trending games all over the world. With it, for enjoying the game concept the players are not required to pay any type of money. It is available for the mobile platforms such as – Android & iOS. The interested individuals are able to get the application from Amazon App Store. The game is categorized under the puzzle genre. It is also featured with in-game funds those are

  • Premium – stars
  • Primary – coins

The stars are mainly required for restoring the garden areas. If we talk about the coins then these can be used in both concepts –

  • Restoring garden
  • Match-3 levels

There are numerous entertaining things available in the game. In the Gardenscapes updates, the players are able to get some new and more interesting things.

Use of in-game funds

In the game, the players are required to take help from currency for performing several tasks. All types of tasks are tagged with a different level of prices. The players are putting lots of efforts for gathering the required funds quickly. Some players get success in it but they can’t spend them wisely. From following points, you can get information about the proper use of currency –

Use of coins in match-3 levels –

  • The players can buy different types of boosters for improving the performance.
  • In case you lose all moves while clearing the levels and want more then you can get some extra ones by spending coins.
  • The lives are essential to play the match-3 levels. The players can buy more lives in the exchange of coins

Use of coins in the garden area –

  • The coins can be spent for boosting the tasks and complete them in a short time period.

Ways to collect coins

All players want to earn a huge amount of currency. In the above-mentioned information, we discussed the use of currency. By it, you can easily understand that how the currency is important for progressive gameplay. The players can earn the currency and also able to get it as the reward. In both concepts, different types of ways featured for gathering funds. Upcoming points can help you in finding out those ways –

Ways related to the match-3 concept –

  • Complete the levels and get a reward
  • Additional performance for good performance

Ways related to garden area –

  • Get reward by completing days in the game
  • Receive reward after restoring a garden area completely
  • Currency from random things in the garden

Other ways –

  • The players can receive coins as a bonus on the daily log-in basis
  • Sometimes reward for updating the game
  • Players are able to get currency from the in-app offers
  • Receive token from other in-game characters for helping them
  • Reward for achievements

With the help of all these ways, the players can get an amount of funds. In some, the players need to put lots of efforts and in some, they will get currency free. If you are choosing the way of in-app purchases then you need to spend real money on accessing the offers.

Role of power-ups in currency collection

The match-3 level is the only source to earn in-game funds regularly. The Gardenscapes power ups are playing an important role in gathering funds easily and quickly. When you are playing the match-3 levels then you should try to complete them quickly. With it, the players need to put efforts for completing by saving lots of time or moves. It is helpful in getting additional bonuses. The use of power-ups is beneficial in completing the levels in a speedy manner.


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